hippie's statistics

Through The Ages Online Statistics

Rank: 62  
Experience: 34404350   #7 trophy  
Games finished: 5146   #12 trophy  
Games won: 2725   #10 trophy  
Win rate: 2players games :    57%
3players games :    38%
4players games :    26%
Avg. result: 0.45
Currently playing: 6 games
Favorite speed: Favorite speed | Favorite speed
Favorite player count: Favorite number of players | Favorite number of players
trophy Highest win streak: 16 wins
Highest score achieved: 497 culture
Highest dominance: 226 culture
Most experience at once: 18400 exp
Players hippie defeated the most times:
online ben0728 682x
online greenbear 192x
online zhalfirin 179x
adi 170x
CrownKiller 163x
THOS 141x
editedit 113x
JeJenan 81x
wkawkfl 78x
renegade 72x
Players who defeated hippie:
online ben0728 566x
online zhalfirin 173x
CrownKiller 173x
JeJenan 131x
editedit 123x
renegade 100x
adi 95x
online greenbear 93x
online Doobie 71x
Highest science production ever: +29 science
+29 science
Highest culture production ever: +40 culture
+40 culture
Most culture scored from wonder: 68 culture
68 culture
Biggest strength ever: 121 strength
121 strength
Biggest war victory ever: by 83 strength
by 83 strength