Through The Ages

This is your chance to make history: You begin with a small tribe. As you expand your farms and mines, you lay the groundwork for technological advancements, better governments, and grand wonders. Your military might supports your political skill as you guide your civilization to greatness.

  • Build a mighty civilization by card drafting.
  • Explore many ways to achieve a victory.
  • Manage your resources carefully.
  • Learn the game rules by a funny and engaging tutorial.
  • Compete with your friends online or on the same device
  • Challenge clever computer opponents of various skills and personalities
  • Play by the original board game rules or a streamlined digital version.
  • Single-player Challenges with interesting plots



1. 239500 exp
2. 193100 exp
3. 188800 exp
4. 148100 exp
5. 124900 exp
6. 124300 exp
7. 123900 exp
8. 123400 exp
9. 120400 exp
10. 119300 exp