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10. May 2022
Ahoj lidi!

Through the Ages celebrates 1,000,000th online game

24. March 2022

Dear players,

we're glad to 🎉announce🎉 to you that you achieved something big. Believe it or not, you've played ✨1,000,000 online games✨ so far. We still couldn’t believe it, because that means you’ve played over 600 games per day since the release.

We're really proud that we've got such patient and loyal fans!

CGE team

Kniha Galaxy Trucker: Drsná štreka ke stažení zdarma

17. January 2022

Ponořte se hlouběji do bláznivého vesmírného světa plného kosmických korábů z kanalizačních trubek a prožijte příběh nebojácné, ale ne příliš úspěšné truckerky Fran a jejího zvídavého ufonoidního parťáka Wallyho.

Milý humor knihy Galaxy Trucker: Drsná štreka vám nejspíš bude blízký, protože její autor, Jason A. Holt, se podílel i na příběhu této appky. Navštívíte skutečné skladiště Společnosti, s.r.o., setkáte se s meteory, piráty i galaktickou byrokracií, přiučíte se něco o truckerském slangu, zjistíte, že ne všichni ufoni jsou stejní, a především prožijete náramné vesmírné dobrodružství.

Knihu v češtině nyní stáhnete zdarma.

Galaxy Trucker, the board game: just released!

10. December 2021

We're not talking about the Galaxy Trucker board game, originally released in 2007, the predecessor of your gaming app, but about the freshly relaunched edition of this ageless classic!

It's modernized, faster, more accessible, and just as fun as ever.

You have been training for this moment for a while. So put the Galaxy Trucker back on your tabletop and watch fellow players' ships explode as you fly on to victory.

Order now and enjoy a peaceful but galactic Christmas! Available right now in your favorite local gaming shops or on Amazon.

Through the Ages - Shopaktion

28. May 2021

Hallo an unsere deutschsprachigen Spieler!

Unser Partner HeidelBär Games hat uns gebeten, diese coole Aktion mit euch zu teilen. Die HeidelBÄRen haben dieses Wochenende eine „Through the Ages”- Shopaktion. Nur dieses Wochenende erhaltet ihr beim Kauf des Grundspiels die Erweiterung gratis dazu! Dadurch spart ihr mehr als 35%. Die Aktion gilt bis einschließlich 30.05.2021.

>>Zum HeidelBär's Games Shop<<

Through the Ages - Now Fully Translated in Hungarian!

27. April 2021

Another localization is complete! The Leaders and Wonders expansion has now been fully translated to Hungarian! Nagyon szépen köszönjük to our fan RaveAir who translated the whole app almost single-handedly! If you want to enjoy the app in Hungarian (or in any other of the 16 languages we have so far), you can find it in the language settings.

Can you guess which other language is likely to be added in the future? Ja, ja, dat klopt!

Would you like to add your native language to the list or improve any of the existing community localizations? Feel free to contact us at


CGE Team

Replay, Specate and Graphs!

1. February 2021

Dear players!

We know that the holiday season is long over but we would still like to give you some late gifts – three new features!

Did you finish a game so amazing that you wanted to replay it and see it again? Well, wait no more, Replay option is here! After the end of your game, look for this icon and relive all those exciting moments again.

Oh, would you like to watch your friends' games as well? See the see a tournament’s highlights? Or share your games with friends? You can now, with the new Spectate feature! Just copy the game code in the pause menu and paste it using in the lobby and you are all set.

Do not worry; only publicly available information are shared this way (not the cards in your hand etc.), and you can always disable sharing of the games you played in your online account settings.

And if you are a fan of Graphs, we've got you covered too. Now you can view the progression of any finished game in the form of a neat graph! Food, resources, strength, science, culture, leaders...we have it all. Just look for this icon on your result screen!

Enjoy the new features, and if you need help, be sure to visit our forum for more detailed info.


CGE Team

Presents Delivery Mission

22. December 2020

Merry trucking and happy holidays to everyone, the Presents Delivery mission starts tomorrow! Spread the joy by delivering all the carefully wrapped gifts around the galaxy, and feel like the real space Santa Claus!

So hurry and board those tree-shaped ships, these presents won't deliver themselves!

Spooky Halloween Mission is back!

30. October 2020

Hello, brave truckers! It's Halloween time again, which means that our traditional Trick||Treat mission is back!

Board your pumpkin ships and go hunting for the delicious hazardous sweets.

But beware, the road is dangerous, full of ghost ships and other kids willing to fight you for the tasty treats!

Bulgarian Community Translation is Live!

27. October 2020

You can now play Through the Ages in Bulgarian. много Благодаря to our fans who made this possible! You can download the community translation in Options, together with other community translations.

Are you still missing your native language? Contact us at and join the community effort!


CGE Team

Games with AI and Spanish Localization

5. October 2020

We would like to warmly welcome six new players to the game. Say hello to Pandora, Talos, Valentine, Cobalt, Celesta, and Andy! From now on, you can invite them to your Online and Pass and Play games so that you can play both with your friends and AIs at the same time. We hope you will enjoy playing with them as much as we do, and please be nice to them.

With this update, we are also releasing the official Spanish localization for the New Leaders and Wonders expansion. Our fans are continually working on more localizations, and if you are still missing your native language, contact us at

Yours, CGE Team

Through the Ages 3rd Birthday

14. September 2020

Today is a big day for us, and we have three triple reasons to celebrate! This day marks three years from the release of our Through the Ages app, it is about one year since those three new leaders appeared in your app inviting you to New Leaders and Wonders expansion, and we have finished three nice new bigger features for the app. (It is also Vlaada’s birthday, but that’s pure coincidence and there is no three in his age anyway :)).

The new features are still being tested, but we will reveal one of them for you now. Some AI players who love to play Through the Ages asked us whether it would be possible to join also your Online and Pass and Play games. You know, until now, they had to wait until someone times out. We gladly agreed and taught them how to join your games if you invite them. You may expect an update soon.

Huge thanks to all of you for your constant support! We couldn’t be more thankful for our amazing community.


CGE Team

Win rate fix and Average Result statistic

3. September 2020

Dear players,

we have fixed win rate computing - abandoning or timing out in a game now correctly counts as a loss (as it is written when you are abandoning a game). Big thanks to the community for pointing this out.

Also, the win rate now counts separately for 2-player, 3-player, and 4-player games. To better represent your overall success, we have added a new statistic that we call Average Result; it takes into account the number of players and your final order in each game. You can find these statistics in your CGE Account.

Have fun with the game and stay tuned - we are preparing some really cool features in the near future for you!

Yours, CGE Team

Through the Ages in Polish and Catalan

13. August 2020

Another community localizations are out - you can now play both the base game and the expansion in Polish and Catalan!

Dziękujemy bardzo and moltes grácies to our devoted fans who made sure even more people can play Through the Ages in their mother tongue!

You can download the translations in the language settings along with all other community translations. May your beloved Marie Curie and Antoni Gaudi lead you to many glorious victories!

Do you want to play in your native language, but it is still missing on our list? Contact us at and join the community effort.

Galaxy Trucker goes 64-bit: Now playable on the newest macOS!

22. July 2020

Dear Truckers,

We have good news for Mac users among you! After weeks of testing, the 64-bit version of Galaxy Trucker for macOS is finally out on Steam – so now you can build epic space ships and deliver valuable goods also on the newest macOS - Catalina and higher.

Thank you for your patience and support, and enjoy the best galaxy trucking

New Leaders and Wonders celebration with designer’s notes from Vlaada Chvátil

13. May 2020

Dear players,

The digital expansion for Through the Ages, New Leaders and Wonders, has been out for a couple of months, however, due to a printing error, the release of its physical counterpart was unfortunately delayed. For the past few weeks, we've been shipping the expansion boxes all over Europe where retailers began to offer it to their customers – and today, the expansion is officially released in North America as well!

To celebrate the release, we would like to share with you some behind-the-scenes notes from the designer of the game, Vlaada Chvátil.

Have you ever wondered how the original set of personalities and wonders was picked for the game? Do you want to know more about the real-life stories of the game leaders, or what their abilities represent? Or would you like to read more behind-the-scenes details about the game’s design? We have good news for you!

On our CGE Blog you can now find an introduction to what will be a longer series of designer's notes about how Through the Ages came to life. We will release these notes regularly in the following weeks – if you don't want to miss any update, you can subscribe to an RSS feed for the blog or follow our Facebook page.

We thank you for being here with us and wish you many more hours of civilization-building!

CGE Team

Board Games Delivery Mission Results

4. May 2020

Hello Truckers!

Big thanks to everyone who took part in our annual Board Games Delivery Mission – we hope that you enjoyed hauling all these colorful boxes across the galaxy :) And of course, congratulations to Dudkus, Lealuna, and Teufelted, our randomly selected winners who helped us deliver our games across the galaxy!

If you already know which CGE board game you would like to get as your prize, please, let us know at

May the Fourth be with you all and keep trucking!

Board Games Delivery Mission

24. April 2020

Hello, brave truckers!

Our annual Board Games Delivery multiplayer mission starts today! Even though Tabletop Day isn't an option this year, you can still join us and help us deliver our board games across the galaxy.

Three lucky truckers that deliver the game boxes safely will also win a physical copy of one of our board games.

The winners will be announced on May 4th, so start your engines and good luck!

Chinese and Korean Expansion Translations are Here!

23. April 2020

The long-awaited Chinese and Korean expansion localizations are now live! Big thanks to our partners who translated and checked these localizations for you.

Moreover, our fans are almost halfway done with the Bulgarian localization, and also, you can expect the Polish translation to be out soon. Are you still missing your native language? Contact us at and join the community effort!

Since the latest update, you can also access the Tournament page using the new in-game button in your Friendlist, and thanks to your reports we fixed some of the most reported interface bugs on newer Android and iOS phones. In case you still encounter any problems, please let us know so we can fix them.


CGE Team

Big language update!

15. April 2020

First of all, we'd like to say we are really happy with how much you enjoy Letter Jam and how you help spread the word to your friends. Thanks to you, Letter Jam jumped among our best selling games, being second only to Codenames! It is a nice and humbling surprise and we are doing our best to make the experience with the game and the gadget even better.

This app update adds four new languages – French, Italian, Polish, and Spanish. The Spanish version of the board game still has to hit the shelves, but the app can already generate Spanish words for you if you use cards from any other language version. More languages are coming soon. Stay tuned!

Thank you for playing – stay safe and game on!

Tournament Support and CGE Forum Now Live

15. April 2020

Starting today, Through the Ages now includes official tournament support! This feature will allow you to take part in a declared public tournament or, if you feel like it, you can create your own tournament for your friends with customized rules and setup. If approved, you will also be able to create and manage public online tournaments directly from your CGE Account.

Along with the tournament support, we are launching the CGE Forum - a place where the tournaments can be discussed, where you can get together and talk about your favourite cards, strategies and CGE games and where you can find the answers to your most burning questions.

For more information, you can visit Forum and Tournaments websites, which are accessible through your CGE Account.

We wish the best of luck to the brave tournament competitors and we also hope you will enjoy the forum.


CGE Team

Global Sales for a Global Problem

20. March 2020

Dear players,

We hope that in these harsh times, when it is not responsible or safe to meet up for board game events, you are enjoying playing online. If you were considering getting Through the Ages on another platform, trying also our Galaxy Trucker app, or convincing a friend to join you in this game, now it is a good time.

Starting today, both Through the Ages and Galaxy Trucker digital games are available for half of their original price on all platforms.

We were considering to give the apps for free, but in the end, we decided on a different approach. All our proceeds coming from those app sales will be donated to COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. This way, you can have fun and help at the same time.

So, have fun, and enjoy the fact there is no Pandemy event in Through the Ages!


CGE team

Through the Ages now in Ukrainian!

16. March 2020

Ukrainian translation is now available for Through the Ages! Bелике спасибі to our Ukrainian fans who translated both the base game and the expansion. You can download this community translation in Options, together with all other available community translations – right now we have Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, French, Hungarian, Russian, and Japanese localizations. Also, our Polish and Bulgarian fans are working hard to bring you Through the Ages in their languages.

You can also expect the official Korean and Chinese translations of the expansion soon, and our partners have started working on the Spanish expansion localization as well. Stay tuned for the updates.

If you also want to play in your native language, but the translation is not available yet, you can join the community effort by contacting us at

Your CGE Team

Through the Ages Goes 64-bit

24. February 2020
Dear Mac users,

Good news! The promised 64-bit version of Through the Ages is finally out – those of you, who’ve updated their MacOS to Catalina should now be able to play the game once again.

We’ve spent the last few weeks playtesting the MacOS version of the game and all looks well – however, if you encounter anything out of the ordinary, please, let us know. We will do our best to keep improving your civilization building experience.

Thank you for your patient support and we hope you will now enjoy the game to its fullest.

The Letter Jam companion app has just been updated!

13. February 2020
The Letter Jam companion app has just been updated! Are you wondering what’s new in this juicy app? Read on!
  • news system – keep up to date with the hottest news from CGE
  • updated tutorial and improved scanning guides – the introductory video has been replaced by continuous guides
  • added number of cards left to scan – so you know how many cards are still missing to finish those perfect words
  • improved LANGUAGE and CARD SET settings – when you want to use your card set to practice jamming in different languages
Your experience is important to us and we welcome your feedback – so if there’s anything you’d like to share with us regarding this companion app, let us know!

Did you know we are on Reddit?

19. December 2019

Come join us discussing Through the Ages with the community on this amazing platform. We want to hear from you and we want to see how you play and what you've achieved! It's always great to have people to share what you are passionate about with.

Join the community here.

Halloween mission is back!

31. October 2019

Hold on, trucker.

Did you hear that? Huh, I guess it was just some rocks along the way. They say this ship is haunted, you know. Methinks it's because of all the toxic cargo we're hauling in the holds. Keep your wits about you, trucker, and ignore the howling coming from the ship. It's definitely not ghosts, don't be silly! Ghosts don't exist, of course.

Just keep on truckin' and watch out for those abandoned ships littering the empty space in our traditional Halloween mission! Don't get caught in a fight between the other kids trying to get more treats than you!

New macOS does not support Through the Ages and Galaxy Trucker

8. October 2019

Dear Mac players,

A few hours ago, Apple released a new version of macOS titled Catalina. Unfortunately, our apps Through the Ages and Galaxy Trucker do not yet run on this OS version, as Catalina does not support 32-bit apps and our games have not yet been updated to 64-bit. Please note, that if you update your macOS to 10.15 Catalina, you won’t be able to enjoy Through the Ages.

We have been working on upgrading our games to 64-bit for several weeks now, but considering the way our system is built and with a limited amount of personnel we can dedicate to this process, it will take us some more time to properly implement and test the 64-bit versions, as this upgrade is a bigger undertaking and means rewriting big parts of the code. We plan on starting internal testing this month and hope to release the update by the end of November – please, bear with us :) We will bring you more info as soon as we know more.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause and are grateful for your patience!

CGE Team

New Leaders and Wonders Expansion Released!

12. September 2019

The New Leaders and Wonders expansion is finally out on Google Play, Steam, and for the first time also on The expansion is sold at a price of $4.99 and once purchased, you can play it on any platform on which you have the base game installed. Also, if you don‘t have the base game yet, it‘s on sale now and until September 19!

We would like to apologize to our iOS players – the review seems to take longer than expected and we do not want to delay the expansion release any longer. Unfortunately, this means that our iOS players won‘t be able to play online until the expansion is out on the App Store – we are sincerely sorry for this inconvenience and rest assured we will release the game as soon as it is approved on the store. We will of course pause your online games to avoid timeouts.

New Leaders and Wonders is a very personal project for us, and we worked on it with a lot of love and care. Yet, we wouldn‘t be able to polish it to this degree without the help from the heroes from our extensive beta testing community. We are grateful for all their help.

We hope you will enjoy playing the game as much as we enjoyed developing it, and maybe we‘ll meet one day in an online game :)

Yours sincerely,

CGE team

New Leaders Almost Here!

12. September 2019

Don‘t worry TTA players, we have not forgotten about you! New Leaders and Wonders expansion is ready to come out any moment now. We are still waiting for the last game store to review the app, and we‘ll be able to launch the expansion simultaneously on all platforms.

If we launched the game before it‘s approved by App Store, our iOS players would not be able to play any online games - we need to upgrade all our servers to the newest version. So we ask you to please hang in there, the expansion will be released as soon as possible!

New Leaders and Wonders Pre-order Package

11. September 2019

Our team makes the last hours before the release count, by double-checking and fine-tuning everything, carefully looking for any forgotten bugs. Only one more day remaining! Are you excited? Because we are :)

In the meantime, we have two great news for you! The first is for those of you, who bought the base game on different digital platforms – after purchase, your expansion will be tied to your CGE online account, so you can just buy it on one platform and unlock it for all. No need to buy it multiple times!

Secondly, we have prepared a special pre-order package for those, who enjoy playing TTA in both digital and physical form!

This package is distributed through some brick and mortar stores – each player who pre-orders the printed expansion from the participating game stores will get a special coupon that will include a universal code for the digital version of the expansion for free!

If your friendly local game store doesn‘t offer this package, you can ask them to order it for you from their distributors. Also, remember to keep that coupon because once the printed expansion is out, you will exchange it for the copy you‘ve pre-ordered.

With all this combined, our expansion will be really multi-platform :)

For more info about the expansion and pre-orders, go to our FAQ page HERE and stay tuned for more news!

The New Leaders & Wonders Expansion Announcement!

29. July 2019

The long wait is over! After months of development, careful balancing, and intensive testing, we are proud to announce that the expansion for Through the Ages, titled New Leaders & Wonders, will come out this fall – digitally on September 12, 2019!

The expansion will bring to play new courageous and inspiring leaders, more great wonders, and clever military cards and tactics. It will come to all current TTA platforms (via Google Play, App Store, and Steam) and will cost $4.99. For those of you playing the physical board game as well, don‘t worry – the board game expansion will come out two months later, with recommended retail cost of $24.95.

New Leaders & Wonders has been a very personal project for our team and we‘ve dedicated our minds and hearts to it fully – still, we wouldn‘t be able to polish it this well without our devoted testers who joined our beta testing some time ago, and to whom we would now like to send our huge thanks. We‘re grateful for you and for the whole amazing community that developed around the game and we can‘t wait to share the expansion with you!

You can also watch the expansion trailer here!

All the best and stay tuned for more news and previews!

CGE Team

Hовый перевод!

12. June 2019

New community translation is out – our amazing Russian fans brought Russian language into the game! And a few weeks back, thanks to fantastic RaveAir, we introduced to you also Hungarian localization. Спасибо and köszönöm to all! You can download the community and official translations from the Options.

Coming next in line is Japanese – fingers crossed for the Japanese fans!

Are you missing your native language? You can always join the community effort and help to translate the game by contacting us at

Your CGE team

New Languages Available!

21. May 2019

Attention operatives!

Codenames Gadget is now available in many new languages! You can enjoy this support app in the following languages:

  • Arabic
  • Bulgarian
  • German
  • Estonian
  • Indonesian
  • Korean
  • Lithuanian
  • Latvian
  • Romanian
  • Slovak

Galaxy Trucker Finally Lands on Steam!

7. March 2019

Great news, Truckers – our shuttles have successfully landed on Steam, and our brave space explorers have already started colonizing computers all over this new strange land. To support these colonization efforts, we‘ve set up a 38% discount that will last until 14 March.

Old players – expect newbies. Be nice to them. And feel free to challenge them online in our Welcome New Players event, which will grant you extra experience for playing against new truckers (provided you start any game or mission before the end of March and at least one of the players has level 1–5).

Discover a new wider Galaxy here! Enjoy Galaxy Trucker on a bigger screen of your Mac or Windows :)

Galaxy Trucker: Extended Edition already includes the Alien Technologies expansion and supports cross-platform multiplayer.

Great Network War

31. January 2019

Dear Players,

As many of you have noticed and experienced, in the past few weeks we‘ve been dealing with some server issues. While single player has ran smoothly, online games have been crashing and acting up. Thank you for all the feedback, crash reports and emails, it helped a lot to identify the problems!

We were concentrating heavily on locating and fixing the issue (actually, rather multiple issues that combined together, as we learned later). But we also feel that we owe some explanation to our devoted players. So, if you want to know more, please continue reading HERE. If not, just be assured that we do our best, and now it seems the worst problems are fixed, so the games will hopefully run smoothly again – actually, perhaps even smoother than before :)

Thank you greatly for all your support and patience.


CGE Team

(image by prolificpencomics)

Server Issues

31. December 2018

Dear players,

We are aware of the server instability and connectivity issues that you are now experiencing in online play and are deeply sorry for this inconvenience. We assure you that we're doing our best to fix this problem and hope to find the solution as fast as possible. We would kindly ask you to be patient as we're working hard on finding a source of the problem and bringing you back a better playing experience.

CGE Digital

Happy Holidays From CGE Digital!

25. December 2018

2018 is slowly coming to an end - and what a year it was! To all of you, who‘ve been following our journey and enjoying our work - we all from CGE Digital would like to thank you for your amazing support and invaluable feedback that you‘re giving us. We hope that our games will keep bringing you joy in months and years to come, as there‘s much we have planned for you.

Stay tuned for more news and once again, thank you!

CGE Digital

Winter Sale Is Coming To Town

20. December 2018

We‘ve had another great year with Through the Ages - you, our players, have recently finished more than 200,000 online games and scored 96,007,230 culture points in total. These are incredible numbers! Thanks to you, we‘ve prepared and released community translations for the app. And even more is coming as we‘re working on adding some new exciting things from the community wishlist such as forums or tournaments - and of course, the long awaited expansion is being heavily tested and improved as we speak.

We‘re very grateful for your support and, to help this community grow and flourish, we‘ve joined this year‘s Steam Winter Sale. Starting today, December 20, and lasting until January 3, you and your friends can get a PC or Mac version of Through the Ages on Steam with a 38% discount.

Happy holidays and thank you all for playing!

CGE Digital

First Anniversary of Through the Ages app

14. September 2018

Thank you all for the marvelous year you have spent with us playing Through the Ages. Over the course of almost 160,000 finished online games, you have generated over 46.5 millions of the culture points - that‘s a remarkable trace through this virtual world‘s history.

That‘s not even including the massive amount of single-player games you‘ve played! 40,767 brave leaders conquered at least one challenge and 689 mastered all of them. The 35 most devoted heroes have gathered every achievement the game offers!

Regardless if you play online or not, you all took part in the game‘s history and you deserve to know how grateful we are, and that seeing you enjoy the game makes us so happy.

On top of that, exciting updates are being worked on (a big one is coming soon) and early next year, we will release a brand new expansion with new leaders and wonders.

Wish us luck, stay tuned, and stay as great as you are!

Galaxy Trucker Tabletop Day 2018

27. April 2018

Once again, you can enjoy special "Board Games Delivery" multiplayer mission to celebrate International Tabletop Day.

Join us to deliver precious boxes full of gaming goodness across the galaxy!

Three lucky winners will get one of the board games they delivered.

The mission will be available from Friday to Monday, but to give chance also to the players who prefer turn-based games, the winners will be determined from all games finished until end of the week. And by the way, if you have a friend who does not own Galaxy Trucker Digital yet, let him know that from Friday to Monday both the app and the expansion are only $2.99 on Android & iPad and free on iPhone.

Enjoy your flight!

Rank Filter in Online Lobby

16. April 2018

Dear players,

we are amazed how well the game performs on Steam. With lots of new players, though, we realize we should add some filtering to the online lobby. Before we prepare better solution in future updates, you may use this trick:

  • If the name of your game ends with 20+, only players with rank 20 or higher will see it.
  • If it ends with 25-, only players with rank 25 and less will see it.
  • And if it ends with 10-30 (no spaces), only players between these ranks will see it.
The name may contain anything before this filtering, e.g. "Newbies welcome 23-" will work.

We are preparing more improvements for multiplayer game.

Stay tuned!

Through the Ages enters Age of Steam

26. March 2018

Starting today you can play Through the Ages on the wide screen at Steam for Mac and PC, with a special first-week price of $9.99.

And it also means lots of new players for multiplayer! Be nice to them during their first games :)

Rocky Road Contest Winners

22. December 2017

Congratulations to 10 brave truckers who looked after Wally in our Rocky Road Contest


These people have won Galaxy Trucker: Rocky Road novel. Hurray!

But there is also good news for all of us: the eBook is available for special price of $2.99 for the whole Holiday season.

Rocky Road Contest

14. December 2017

Wally is traveling the galaxy, promoting the book Rocky Road. Who knows, maybe the alien you just hired for your ship is Wally!

From all brown aliens you load onto your ship between Dec 13th and 18th in any online game or mission (Rocky Road mission is a good fit for that, though), we will randomly pick 10 Truckers who hired them and they will win the book.

If you have trouble getting to Online lobby, please check that you have a new update installed.

We wish you a Happy Galactic Trucking!

Let's celebrate the World Toilet Day!

18. November 2017

November 19th is the World Toilet Day. As we truckers know, sewer pipes are the foundations of the civilized world and they also hold our spaceships together. So, such an important date is a good opportunity for a small celebration.

Each player will get twice as much experience for each online game or mission that has begun on November 19th!

As always, see you in the lobby!

Thanks for playing

3. November 2017

More than 12 000 registered players have already finished over 20 000 online games! That's a fantastic result. Thank you all for playing!

The first weeks were not without glitches and we had to work hard to improve stability of our servers. We've received enough bug reports to be able to lock and analyse several hundred corrupted games. Bugs that caused these problems are fixed now. Thanks everyone!

Locked games will be deleted, we implemented tools that will enable us to repair problematic games in the future, but it is not possible now.

Thank you for your understanding and continuous support!
CGE Digital

Through the Ages app has been released!

15. September 2017

We've just released our second big app - Through the Ages for iOS and Android! It's the official adaptation of Vlaada Chvátil's strategy classic, the second best board game ever according to Board Game Geek website.

- Hundreds of cards to build a mighty civilization.
- Explore the many paths to victory.
- Manage your resources carefully.

It's your chance to make history!

If you want to purchase the app, just tap the "More Games" button in the "Extras" section of your cockpit.

Also, we bring you two new online missions, so you and all the truckers may celebrate with us. In "Wonders" and "Alien Wonders" missions you may build your own space wonder. Enjoy!

Through the Ages app has been released!

14. September 2017

We've just released our second big app - Through the Ages for iOS and Android! It's the official adaptation of Vlaada Chvátil's strategy classic, the second best board game ever according to Board Game Geek website.

- Hundreds of cards to build a mighty civilization.
- Explore the many paths to victory.
- Manage your resources carefully.

It's your chance to make history!

Also, we bring you two new online missions for Galaxy Trucker app, so you and all the truckers may celebrate with us. In "Wonders" and "Alien Wonders" missions you may build your own space wonder. Enjoy!

Massive update is here!

7. September 2017

Great boost to your Galaxy Trucker experience is here! We bring you:

Saving campaign progress and achievements into cloud
So you can carry it over to your other device.

Friend lists and online player profiles
Chat with your friends and fellow truckers easily, and see what they are up to - in the app, or on the new CGE online web.

Turn-based games can start automatically
You don't have to wait for the creator of the game starting it manually, the game will start itself when it's full.

Real-time games more user-friendly
The game remains in the lobby and you'll be notified when people join your game.

Better notifications
We let you know when someone reserves a slot in a game for you and when your time is close to run out in a game.

Massive Galaxy Trucker online update

14. August 2017

Saving campaign progress and achievements into cloud
So you can carry it over to your other device.

Friend lists and online player profiles
Chat with your friends and fellow truckers easily, and see what they are up to - in the app, or on the new CGE online web.

Turn-based games can start automatically
You don't have to wait for the creator of the game starting it manually, the game will start itself when it's full.

Real-time games more user- friendly
The game remains in the lobby and you'll be notified when people join to your game.

Better notifications
We let you know when someone reserves a slot in a game for you and when your time is close to run out in a game.

Galaxy Trucker: Rocky Road - eBook!

10. August 2017

This will be brief today because we know you like the action, brave trucker! But if you would welcome some relaxation time with a good book while sitting in your comfy cockpit, we have a good news for you:

Galaxy Trucker: Rocky Road eBook is available!

The book is full of humor about Francesca Flores, a hardcore trucker, and Wally, the little brown alien who wants to be her buddy. Awaiting you in Amazon / Kindle / iBooks stores!

Galaxy Trucker Novel!

28. April 2017

Do you enjoy trucking, despite your ship keeps being blasted in pieces? So does Francesca Flores, hero of the first Galaxy Trucker novel.

Galaxy Trucker: Rocky Road was written by Jason A. Holt, whose funny writing style you know both from the board game rules and from the campaign. And it just hit the stores in North America! Rest of the world will follow in July.

Hitch a ride with Fran, a hardcore trucker, and Wally, the little brown alien who wants to be her buddy.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your driver speaking. We seem to have encountered a stretch of rocky road. By company policy, I am encouraged to remind you that your safety is not guaranteed. Please utilize the nearest escape pod if you wish to discontinue your flight.”

Tabletop Day Mission

28. April 2017

To celebrate International Tabletop Day, "Board Games Delivery" multiplayer mission returns. Join us again to deliver shiny boxes full of gaming goodness across the galaxy!

Three lucky winners will get one of the board games they delivered!

The mission will be available from Friday to Monday, but to give chance also to the players who prefer turn-based games, the winners will be determined from all games finished until end of the week.

By the way, if you have a friend who does not play Galaxy Trucker yet, let him know from Friday to Monday both the app and the expansion are just $2.99!

Have fun!

The celebration with Galaxy Trucker has just begun!

18. January 2017

Hello Truckers

Ten years ago, the very first prototype of the board game Galaxy Trucker was made, tested, know how the story continues. Because you are part of this story!

Starting right now, all week, the expansion Alien Technologies will cost only $2.99 Celebrate with us!

10 days of Merry Trucking are ready! Are you?

23. December 2016

We have for you very special holiday missions. Over Christmas, you can deliver nicely wrapped gifts in three sizes of tree shaped ships, and around New Year - BOOM! - the most explosive mission will light up the galaxy with fireworks.

Wishing you joy and adventures for the holidays and always!

Mimozemské technologie

17. August 2016

Mimozemské technologie, první velké rozšíření digitální verze Galaxy Truckera, je zde, a přináší spoustu nové herní zábavy!

Znovu se setkej s postavami, které znáš z kampaně, i s několika dalšími - seznámí tě novými technologiemi pomocí série příběhových misí pro jednoho hráče. Vyzkoušej své truckerské dovednosti a zvládni mise i na nejtěžší úroveň obtížnosti. Přidej si prvky rozšíření do svých her, ať už proti robotům nebo kamarádům. A užij si speciální multiplayerové mise využívající prvky rozšíření.

Ťapni na obchodníka, co ti poletuje v hlavním menu, a pusť se do dalšího zkoumání galaxie s pomocí mimozemských technologií (a jedné staletími ověřené lidské technologie :)).

Alien technologies

17. August 2016

Alien Technologies, the first huge expansion of Galaxy Trucker app, is here to provide lots of new gameplay!

Meet the characters you know from the campaign and some new ones. Let them to guide you through singleplayer challenges that discover new components, cards, ships and aliens. Put your trucking skills to test by beating the challenges in the hard mode. Add the new elements to your singleplayer or multiplayer games. And have fun with special Alien Technologies multiplayer missions.

Contact Mr. Salesman that is floating in your main menu and continue exploring galaxy using the brand new Alien Technologies (and one ancient human technology, too :)).

Tabletop Day Multiplayer Mission

29. April 2016

Hey, fellow truckers. You might notice there is one extra multiplayer mission these days. Help us to deliver board game boxes during the International Tabletop day weekend!

Beside the fact it is a completely new and interesting mission, three of you will be rewarded by one of the games they deliver. The more and the bigger games you finish, the better chance to win.

The mission will be available until Tuesday, 18:00 UTC. But to give chance also to the players who prefer turn-based games, the winners will be determined from all games finished until end of the week. Faster speed settings are still recommended for turn based games.

Happy Tabletop Trucking!

Merry Trucking!

22. December 2015

We have chosen the five most played multiplayer missions of the year and are giving them as a small Christmas present. From the 22nd December, any of these five multiplayer missions can be played all week long!

We'd also like to take this opportunity to wish you the best for the festive season and hope that 2016 is full of joy.

We have more to come for you next year!

Pipe Wars

17. December 2015

Maybe some of you have just seen a movie about the fate of the galaxy. But how about meeting online to actually decide the fate of the galaxy yourselves?

Realtime games and missions played from December 17 to December 20 grant more experience: 2x for 2-player games, 2.5x for 3-players and 3x for 4-players.

May the force be with you!

Trubkové Války

17. December 2015

Možná někteří z vás právě dokoukali film o osudu galaxie. Ale co takhle vzít osud galaxie do vlastních rukou?

Realtime hry budou mezi 17. a 20. prosincem dávat více zkušenosti: 2x za hry dvou hráčů, 2.5x za hry tří hráčů a 3x za hry čtyř hráčů.

Ať vás síla provází!

Multiplayer missions variation

22. August 2015

We know you have a blast with Multiplayer Missions! We are playing them with you, too, and we have heard from you, there's just so much good stuff appearing quite quickly to enjoy all of it, especially in the turn-based games, where you can play various missions at once.

We have decided that new missions will now appear every three days instead of just two days, so you have more time to enjoy it and find the best tactics.

Also, the most popular missions will be appearing again, some of them with slight variations of rules or rewards. It's like seeing old friends... and pirates... and aliens... :)

Note for Achievement hunters - if the same mission repeats, it counts as a different mission for Mission Specialist achievements.

New languages

7. August 2015

Galaxy Truckers now speak spanish, french and polish! Hurray!

Plus, we fixed some more bugs. Hurray again!

Multiplayer Missions are here!

14. July 2015

Each missions had its own rules, offering new possibilities of how to play the game. And do you remember those fantastic explosive, radioactive, heavy and fragile cargo components from campaign? - Now you can play with them in multiplayer with your friends!

Every 2 days, there will be new challenging mission ready for you to explore! Some missions just slightly alter the rules, but some really test your abilities - you have to take risks, face massive destruction and invent new approach for every mission.

Start a new mission by tapping the New Mission button in the online lobby, or join one. Don't forget to read the mission rules! :) And show other truckers who is the best, most adaptive trucker in this part of the universe!

Fast week / Schnelle Woche / Быстрая неделя

25. May 2015

Let's celebrate the game is now in German and Russian languages by a week of realtime playing!

Any real-time game started from now until Jun 2nd grants you more experience! 1.5x for two player games, 2x for three player games, 2.5x for four player games!

Have a good flight :)

Rychlý týden / Schnelle Woche / Быстрая неделя

25. May 2015

Oslavme vydání hry v němčine a ruštině týdnem real-time her!

Každá realtime hra spuštěná od nynějška do 2. června dává více zkušenosti. 1.5x za hru dvou hráčů, 2x za hru tří hráčů, 2.5x za hru čtyř hráčů!

Příjemný let :)

New languages

22. May 2015

Welcome our Russian and German friends!

In the last update we implemented localization to German and Russian. Welcome new players or change your language to your native. If you don't update, you might see question marks in names of new truckers, game titles or in chat.


3. April 2015

Today, Galaxy Trucker has also launched on Windows Phone. Yeah, that means... fresh meat in multiplayer! Give a warm welcome to all the new players:

Any game started from now until the end of April will grant you twice as much experience, as long as at least one player of rank 1-5 is included.


3. April 2015

Dnes byl Galaxy Trucker vydán také pro Windows Phone! Víte, co to znamená - čerstvá krev do multiplayeru. Hezky přivítejme nové hráče:

Za jakoukoliv multiplayerovou hru započatou odteď až do konce dubna, a ve které je aspoň jeden hráč úrovně 1 až 5, získají všichni dvojnásobek zkušenosti!


11. February 2015

Dobrá zpráva: hráči na iPhone už mohou hrát bezpečně multiplayer s hráči na iPadu a androidích zařízeních!

Omlouváme se, že to trvalo déle, ale narazili jsme na další chyby, které se skrývaly ve spletitých trubkách multiplayerových lodí. Některé byly obzvláště zákeřné a záludné, ale náš tým je v minulých týdnech nemilosrdně pronásledoval a likvidoval - věříme, že úspěšně. Omlouváme se, pokud vám tyto zlé chyby zničily nějakou hru. Většina rozehraných her a všechny nové už by nyní měly být v pořádku.

Také jsme opravili nějaké drobné chybky, vylepšili chování multiplayer lobby a vůbec - galaxie by teď měla být hezčí a šťastnější místo pro závodění.

Nová fíčura: V tahových hrách se teď můžete podívat na karty, které znáte, i během letu.

Je to tak - my také hrajeme truckera, a je nám jasné, že především v asynchronních hrách je nemožné zapamatovat si karty, které jste viděli, a tak nelze podle těchto informací postupovat při rozhodování během letu. Až do teď. Nyní můžete během letu ťapnutím na ikonku oka vedle hromádky karet zjistit které z karet, které jste viděli, ještě nešly.

Pozn: Toto se netýká realtime her. Během realtime stavění je dívání se na karty součástí stresu - je na každém, zda ztrácí čas pokusem karty si zapamatovat, zda se na ně jen rychle mrkne, nebo zda je ignoruje úplně. A realtime hry se stejně nehrají asynchronně.


11. February 2015

Good news: iPhone players can safely play real-time games with iPad and Android players now. Yay!

We apologize it took us this long; there were some other space bugs crawling the pipes of multiplayer ships. Some of them were really sneaky and malicious, but our heroic team hunted them relentlessly over the past weeks, and we believe the fight was victorious. We apologize if these bugs chewed up some of your games. Most of the games in progress and all the new games should be safe now.

There were also some other minor bug fixes, the multiplayer lobby performance was improved, and generally, the galaxy should be a sunnier and happier place to go trucking.

A new feature: In turn based games, it is now possible to take a look at the known cards, even during the flight.

That's right! We play Galaxy Trucker too, and we know that especially in asynchronous games, it is impossible to remember the cards you have seen and thus you cannot use this knowledge to make the right decisions during the flight. Not anymore! Tap the eye icon next to the cards pile during the flight to check what cards you have seen are still remaining in the deck!

Note: This does not apply for real-time games. In real-time building, looking at cards is part of the stress - it is up to you to decide whether to spend your time trying to memorize them, or just to peek at them, or ignore them completely. And real-time games are not played asynchronously anyway.