CountryYankey's statistics

Galaxy Trucker Online Statistics

Rank: 43
Experience: 2204040 #81 trophy  

Real-Time statistics

realtime Games finished: 37 TOP 3%  
Games won: 19 TOP 4%  
Win rate: 51%
Missions finished: 33 #98 trophy  
Missions won: 18 #90 trophy  
Win rate: 55%

Turn-Based statistics

turnbased Games finished: 189 TOP 3%  
Games won: 70 TOP 4%  
Win rate: 37%
Missions finished: 163 #95 trophy  
Missions won: 59 #92 trophy  
Win rate: 36%
Various missions finished: 41 TOP 3%  
Currently playing: 0 games
Currently playing: 11 missions
Favorite speed: realtime 4 | turnbased 1
Favorite player count: Favorite number of players: 4 | Favorite number of players: 2
trophy Highest win streak: 7 wins
Highest score achieved: 203 credits
Most experience at once: 30600 exp
Players CountryYankey defeated the most times:
Manjana 25x
online Willer 9x
GalaxyJoe 8x
online conmanjoe 7x
online evbot2000 7x
online oti 7x
Kronaut 7x
online nitro9 6x
trixi 6x
Nikolos 5x
Players who defeated CountryYankey:
online Ryoken 7x
Pi0t 7x
online evbot2000 7x
trixi 6x
hackenbacker 6x
Manjana 6x
online Orian 6x
online KubaLib 5x
online Mikevil 5x
SpacerJoe 4x
Top played missions:
Set Collectors (with exp.) 15x
Three triplets 15x
Parade 10x
Four Tentacles (with exp.) 10x
Trick || Treat 10x