Dread Pirate Leece's statistics

Galaxy Trucker Online Statistics

Rank: 45  
Experience: 3501080   #53 trophy    
Games finished: 571   #27 trophy  
Games won: 71   TOP 2%  
Win rate: 2players games :    46%
3players games :    19%
4players games :    6%
Avg. result: 0.31

Real-Time statistics

realtime Games finished: 9   TOP 17%  
Games won: 3   TOP 39%  
Win rate: 33%  
Missions finished: 3   TOP 34%  
Missions won: 1   TOP 100%  
Win rate: 33%  

Turn-Based statistics

turnbased Games finished: 575   #22 trophy  
Games won: 70   TOP 4%  
Win rate: 12%  
Missions finished: 487   #19 trophy  
Missions won: 58   TOP 6%  
Win rate: 12%  
Various missions finished: 41   TOP 3%  
Currently playing: 15 games
Currently playing: 23 missions
Favorite speed: realtime 4 | turnbased 1
Favorite player count: Favorite number of players: 4 | Favorite number of players: 3
trophy Highest win streak: 3 wins  
Highest score achieved: 167 credits  
Most experience at once: 44800 exp  
Players Dread Pirate Leece defeated the most times:
online Dread Pirate Rob 126x
Rogue Dragon PieMan 24x
online KubaLib 7x
QaPla 7x
Vainamoinen 6x
conmanjoe 6x
KellyCentral 4x
Forge 4x
shadynasty 4x
online miumum 4x
Players who defeated Dread Pirate Leece:
online Dread Pirate Rob 188x
Rogue Dragon PieMan 68x
QaPla 41x
online KubaLib 25x
KittyMisc 24x
conmanjoe 22x
Mikevil 19x
online Mr.BOSS 16x
online miumum 16x
evbot2000 13x
Top played missions:
Crazy Stories (with exp.) 82x
Board Games Delivery 17x
Two Directions (with exp.) 15x
Space Race 14x
Universal But Cramped 14x