Dirkules's statistics

Through The Ages Online Statistics

Rank: 49  
Experience: 7953450   #48 trophy  
Games finished: 1164   TOP 1%  
Games won: 690   #67 trophy  
Win rate: 2players games :    65%
3players games :    54%
4players games :    44%
Avg. result: 0.61
Currently playing: 1 game
Favorite speed: Favorite speed | Favorite speed
Favorite player count: Favorite number of players | Favorite number of players
trophy Highest win streak: 14 wins
Highest score achieved: 469 culture
Highest dominance: 262 culture
Most experience at once: 15800 exp
Players Dirkules defeated the most times:
online Abenteurer86 98x
online Tehgnarr 40x
online BirdOfPreyyy 25x
online Dino74 18x
online CloneFish 14x
online khyung 12x
online Straanger 12x
AcuteAngina 12x
online Shenor 11x
online comant 11x
Players who defeated Dirkules:
online Abenteurer86 56x
online Straanger 12x
online Tehgnarr 11x
online Dino74 10x
online Alpha.K 8x
online BirdOfPreyyy 7x
online ducky1 7x
online Spartacus1917 6x
online kjgibson 6x
Highest science production ever: +30 science
+30 science
Highest culture production ever: +41 culture
+41 culture
Most culture scored from wonder: 68 culture
68 culture
Biggest strength ever: 163 strength
163 strength
Biggest war victory ever: by 94 strength
by 94 strength