laozhang's statistics

Through The Ages Online Statistics

Rank: 53  
Experience: 14617400   #38 trophy  
Games finished: 1751   TOP 1%  
Games won: 1238   #63 trophy  
Win rate: 2players games :    66%
3players games :    45%
4players games :    43%
Avg. result: 0.58
Currently playing: 30 games
Favorite speed: Favorite speed | Favorite speed
Favorite player count: Favorite number of players | Favorite number of players
trophy Highest win streak: 26 wins
Highest score achieved: 489 culture
Highest dominance: 194 culture
Most experience at once: 16000 exp
Players laozhang defeated the most times:
linyan 102x
online ericviagra 64x
online qige 43x
online wuzhecn 42x
Ppang 35x
bloodies 32x
danielfwt 29x
dyz 27x
HaoLiang 24x
dji_0596 23x
Players who defeated laozhang:
online wuzhecn 48x
HaoLiang 31x
linyan 28x
Ppang 20x
bloodies 16x
dyz 15x
online FirstOfDao 12x
dji_0596 9x
danielfwt 8x
online KiDJENiOUS 6x
Highest science production ever: +27 science
+27 science
Highest culture production ever: +36 culture
+36 culture
Most culture scored from wonder: 58 culture
58 culture
Biggest strength ever: 108 strength
108 strength
Biggest war victory ever: by 73 strength
by 73 strength