Ghidorah's statistics

Galaxy Trucker Online Statistics

Rank: 36  
Experience: 515420   TOP 3%    
Games finished: 34   TOP 6%  
Games won: 21   TOP 7%  
Win rate: 4players games :    62%
Avg. result: 0.75

Real-Time statistics

realtime Games finished: 0   TOP 100%  
Games won: 0   TOP 100%  
Win rate: 0%  
Missions finished: 0   TOP 100%  
Missions won: 0   TOP 100%  
Win rate: 0%  

Turn-Based statistics

turnbased Games finished: 34   TOP 14%  
Games won: 21   TOP 13%  
Win rate: 62%  
Missions finished: 24   TOP 25%  
Missions won: 16   TOP 23%  
Win rate: 67%  
Various missions finished: 8   TOP 20%  
Currently playing: 0 games
Currently playing: 1 mission
Favorite speed: turnbased 1
Favorite player count: Favorite number of players: 4
trophy Highest win streak: 10 wins  
Highest score achieved: 226 credits  
Most experience at once: 25800 exp  
Players Ghidorah defeated the most times:
RainbowAndStar 7x
Maneki81Neko 5x
online thepoz 3x
online TuckerTheTrucker 2x
online Timor 2x
Luxili 2x
online Eve28v2 2x
online danyelz 2x
Botanika 2x
shmook 2x
Players who defeated Ghidorah:
online _Claypool_ 5x
Luxili 2x
online Orian 1x
online Bubbashaun 1x
online KubaK 1x
shmook 1x
online lin 1x
Botanika 1x
online Charlie1881 1x
Holotrop 1x
Top played missions:
Parade 11x
Diplomatic Mission (with exp.) 4x
Universal But Scarce 3x
Set Collectors (with exp.) 2x
Doubles and Batteries 1x