Dnice's statistics

Galaxy Trucker Online Statistics

Rank: 40  
Experience: 1218770   TOP 1%    
Games finished: 118   TOP 2%  
Games won: 61   TOP 2%  
Win rate: 2players games :    63%
3players games :    50%
4players games :    17%
Avg. result: 0.35

Real-Time statistics

realtime Games finished: 44   TOP 2%  
Games won: 29   TOP 2%  
Win rate: 66%  
Missions finished: 6   TOP 16%  
Missions won: 3   TOP 28%  
Win rate: 50%  

Turn-Based statistics

turnbased Games finished: 74   TOP 8%  
Games won: 32   TOP 9%  
Win rate: 43%  
Missions finished: 59   TOP 14%  
Missions won: 25   TOP 16%  
Win rate: 42%  
Various missions finished: 26   TOP 8%  
Currently playing: 18 games
Currently playing: 57 missions
Favorite speed: realtime 4 | turnbased 1
Favorite player count: Favorite number of players: 4 | Favorite number of players: 2
trophy Highest win streak: 9 wins  
Highest score achieved: 158 credits  
Most experience at once: 25800 exp  
Players Dnice defeated the most times:
online Luxili 4x
online bums 4x
online grort 4x
online Gentleman1983 4x
DirtyMorty 4x
online Grushenkaman 3x
online Nanna 3x
Sabone 3x
online TobiO 3x
Laurelin 3x
Players who defeated Dnice:
online AshHousewares 5x
online Orian 4x
online grort 4x
online miumum 3x
bmij 3x
MalaMi555 3x
online Rowbot225 3x
online TobiO 2x
online Gentleman1983 2x
online thepoz 2x
Top played missions:
Tour Bus 5x
Choose Your Random Ship (with exp.) 5x
Space Race 5x
Two Directions (with exp.) 5x
Invincible 5x