Redeem Through the Ages: New Leaders and Wonders activation code

You can redeem your code for the New Leaders and Wonders expansion right here!

Once entered, you will be able to play with the expansion content on any platform on which you have Through the Ages base game installed. To redeem the code go through the following steps:

  1. Log into your CGE account with the form below - if you don’t yet have a CGE account, open the Through the Ages game and register from there, then come back here (the Log In button is under your avatar in the game menu)
  2. Enter the code you’ve received with your Redeem Card (on the back side, under the silver scratch-off surface)
  3. Run the Through the Ages game and log into the same CGE account (under your avatar in the game menu)
  4. Enjoy New Leaders and Wonders expansion!

Don’t forget to keep the redeem card. Once the board game version of the expansion is released, you can exchange it for your own copy in the shop where you’ve placed your pre-order. Your local game shop will also tell you when you can pick up your physical copy of the expansion :-).

Note that in order to enjoy the expansion content, you need to own a copy of the Through the Ages base game, and have it associated with your CGE online account. You can buy the base game here.

Log in to your CGE account to redeem your expansion purchase: